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Animals on Stamps

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Prehistory (Dinosaurs, Fossils)
Reptiles & Amphibians

Biology Unit (American Topical Association)

The Biology Unit is dedicated to the international cooperative study of biological postage stamps and related material. The journal Biophilately covers new zoological and botanical stamp issues worldwide.

Animal Stamp News

Recent news about animal stamps, from

Coelacanth Stamps

A personal collection of coelacanth stamps issued by various countries around the world.

Llama Stamps from Unusual Places

Part of a huge collection of everything llama-related!

Animals on Stamps

Cryptozoology and Philately

These pages feature stamps of animals which once were or are still considered legendary, but which may actually exist. Stamps of animals thought to be extinct but which have been found alive are also featured. Other stamps depict supposedly extinct animals for which sightings comtinue to occur. All of these animals are called "cryptids." Cryptozoology is the study of cryptids.

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