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Birds on Stamps

Theme Birds on Stamps

The complete listing of whole world bird stamp issues.

More than 30000 stamps are listed with face value and bird name in English and Latin. Find stamps by country or by species.

Biology Unit (American Topical Association)

The Biology Unit is dedicated to the international cooperative study of biological postage stamps and related material. The journal Biophilately covers new zoological and botanical stamp issues worldwide.

Birds of the World on Postage Stamps

Dedicated to birds shown on postage stamps that are indigenous to the issuing country with thousands of images. Includes identification features.

Bird Stamp Society

The Bird Stamp Society was formed in 1986 to cater for the large number of collectors who specialise in bird stamps and relevant material. The Society`s focal point is the quarterly house journal Flight, which runs to some 50-60 A4 pages. It carries a variety of features, some regular and some special to the issue. An important regular feature is listing - and attempting identification - of all birds on stamps discovered in the previous quarter.

Bird Stamp News

Recent news about bird stamps, from

Kingfisher Stamps

A fine display of stamps featuring these colorful birds.

National Birds

A list of national birds of various countries of the world, illustrated with bird stamps.

National Duck Stamp Collectors Society

The primary purpose of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society (NDSCS) is to promote and encourage the collecting and study of migratory waterfowl hunting and conservation stamps. The NDSCS is the only stamp collecting society devoted exclusively to duck stamps.

Stamp Magazine's Collecting Birds on Stamps

Stamp Magazine's forum for bird stamp collectors.

Birds on Stamps

Southern African Birds on Stamps

This site specializes in stamps featuring Southern African Birds, more particularly those birds that appear in Roberts Birds of Southern Africa. Nearly 7,200 stamps have been issued with Southern African birds on them. The majority of these stamps are detailed here, together with numerous stamps from African countries featuring non Southern African birds.

Stamps of Israeli Birds

A gallery of worldwide bird stamps depicting species that are to be found in Israel.

The Philatelic Birds of Andorra

An illustrated article on Andorran bird stamps up to 1975 from Valira Torrent, the bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle.

Tits on Stamps

Tits on stamps, postcards and envelopes from all over the world.

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