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Cinderella Stamps

Cinderella Stamp Club

Founded in 1959 and based in the UK, the Cinderella Stamp Club is an association of philatelists, amateur and professional, whose interests lie in local stamps, telegraph stamps, railway stamps, revenues, fiscals, forgeries, bogus and phantom issues, Christmas, Red Cross, TB and other charity seals, registration labels, advertisement and exhibition labels and many other items - all of which are the so-called Cinderellas of Philately.

C is for Cinderella Stamp

An informative exhibit of Cinderella stamps that serves as a good introduction to the topic. This exhibit forms part of the excellent Alphebetilately site of William M. Senkus.

Danish Christmas Seals

This website was created by Ann Mette Heindorff, a Danish stamp collector since 1952. The purpose of this site is to show all Danish Christmas Seals in an online catalogue since they were first issued in 1904. Further the site contains the seals of the Faeroe Islands, Greenland and the Danish West Indies, the latter belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark until 31st March 1917, when the islands were ceded to the United States.

Indian Cinderellas - Azad Hind Issues

Azad Hind stamps were produced by Germany in 1943 for Subhas Chandra Bose under his direction and with the approval of the German Government.

Cinderella Stamps

Poster Stamp Collectors Club

A splendid site that is a must for collectors of poster stamps - it is not only packed with information, it is also beautiful to look at!

The Poster Stamp List

A site that provides interactive catalog tools and information for collectors and students of specialty and topical non-postal stamps and related collectibles.

Revenue & Railway Stamps of Australia

The largest Revenue Stamp and Railway Stamp source in the World!

Stamps, Perfins, Revenues from Russia and Hungary, Lighthouses and Whisky Labels

Jan Langenberg's site is dedicated to stamps, zemstvos, revenues, perfins and other strange and rare stamps like cinderellas and seals from Russia (Imperial Russia, RSFSR and USSR) and Hungary (Magyar Posta),and topicals like lighthouses on stamps.

The Talyllyn Railway Letter Service

Information about the letter service of the Talyllyn Railway in Wales, and its carriage labels.

World Poster Stamps

Charles Kiddle's site devoted to poster stamps - any stamps (non-denominated) created to advertise or commemorate a product or event.

Stamp Dealers' Sites

Christmas Seal Carrier

Online store located in Denmark - for Christmas seals from Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Greenland and former Danish West Indies. Site in Danish and English. Good stock of excellent material. Highly recommended.