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Insects on Stamps

Biology Unit (American Topical Association)

The Biology Unit is dedicated to the international cooperative study of biological postage stamps and related material. The journal Biophilately covers new zoological and botanical stamp issues worldwide.

Beetles on Stamps

A site about beetles, illustrated by postage stamps: families, interest, curiosities, ...

Butterflies and Moths of Australia on Australian Stamps

A small topical reference collection with beautiful stamp illustrations.

Insects on Stamps

A Celebration of the Cockroach

A topical exhibit by Jean Stout.


A display of a collection of stamps depicting insects and other invertebrates, arranged by country.

Insects on Stamps

The stamps portraying insects of every country in the world, arranged according to country, classified by species. Very attractive as well as very informative.

Skap's Bug Stamps

A definitive online reference collection of insects on stamps - now with over 5000 bug stamps online!

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