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Science & Technology on Stamps

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American Topical Association Biology Unit

The Biology Unit was organized in May 1951 and is the largest group dedicated to the international cooperative study of biological postage stamps and related material. The journal Biophilately averages 50 pages per issue, covering the new zoological and botanical issues of the world.


This website is provided for the benefit of all people interested in Astrophilately which is a branch of philately that records the historical events of astronomy, stratospheric flights, rocket mail, space research programmes, manned space flight, telecommunication, and space exploration.

Cryptozoology and Philately

These pages feature stamps of animals which once were or are still considered legendary, but which may actually exist. Stamps of animals thought to be extinct but which have been found alive are also featured. Other stamps depict supposedly extinct animals for which sightings continue to occur. All of these animals are called "cryptids." Cryptozoology is the study of cryptids.

Insulators on Postage Stamps

A guide to stamps and other postal material featuring insulators and related subjects.

Jesuit Mathematicians and Scientists on Stamps

A display of stamps commemorating Jesuit mathematicians and scientists.

Science & Technology on Stamps

Tellurometer stamp

Total Eclipses of the Sun

A collection of stamps and covers (plus banknotes, coins and phonecards) relating to total eclipses of the sun.


A Selective History of Science on Stamps by Maiken Naylor. Topics covered in this huge collection are: astronomy and cosmology, instruments and measurement, mathematics and computation, chemistry, evolution and the fossil record, biology, heredity and the genetic code, physics, electromagnetic theory and light, geology and mapping, the Nobel Prizes.

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