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Space on Stamps

Space Exploration Booklet

World Space Stamp Catalogue

An online catalog of space-related stamps. (Last updated 2010)

Astro Space Stamp Society

You are invited to join collectors from all over the world who enjoy and profit from membership of the British-based Astro Space Stamp Society. The Society was established in 1986 and the Patron is the Cosmonaut Georgi Grechko.

Cooperation of Russia in Space Exploration

A 6-frame topical exhibit on the theme of Russian cooperation with other countries in the exploration of space.

Space on Stamps

Space Topic Study Unit

The Space Unit is an organisation of hobbists devoted to the collection and study of covers and stamps issued on space themes. It has a world wide membership and is the largest independent astrophilatelic society in the world.

Un-Manned Satellite Philately

This Website contains checklists of un-manned satellite philately, either by general discipline/category of satellite or by specific satellite or satellite series. The goal is to build an online catalogue for Un-Manned Satellite Philately (and Weather Philately), available to and shared with anyone who is interested. To date there are about 100 Web pages with links to over 6500 images in both areas of interest.

Topical Stamp Dealers' Lists:

Espace Lollini

French dealer specializing in space stamps, and publisher of an impressive catalogue of space stamps.

Joe Frasketi's Space and Other Topical Philatelic Covers

Dealer specializing in... Manned Space Program/Unmanned Space Covers, Satellite Covers/Aeronautic and Space Anniversaries, USA/Foreign Space First Day Covers, Esoteric Space First Day Items, Autographed Covers/Other Topical Covers