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Rolex Watches


The official website for the Rolex Watch Company. Information and videos about company history, sponsoring and celebrities who have endorsed Rolex watches.

Rolex Watches

My Watch Depot

A great collection of Rolex related articles, old Rolex ads, and wallpapers.


A database especially for Rolex Oyster watches, with complete reference numbers and corresponding calibres of Rolexes.

Quality Tyme

A marvelous one-stop resource for all things Rolex by John Brozek, author of The Rolex Report.

This site provides insights into Rolex Sports watches, with particular interest in the first Rolex Submariner sports watches that incorporated a date: the Red Submariner and Red Sea-Dweller.

Rolex Reference Page

John B. Holbrook's personal collection and some interesting articles, graphics and reference tools for others interested in Rolex watches.

Detailed information on the history of Rolex Submariners.