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Ships on Stamps

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Maritime Postal History

Maritime Stamps from all around the World

Here you can explore stamps with a maritime theme from 106 countries. The majority of the stamps are from the private collection of Richard Boehmer. Some are from the collection of Richard Konkolski.


Navicula is a German association of stamp collectors with worldwide connections. The members specialize in maritime philately, that means all about ships and navigation. The website is a delight with page after page of various topics all pertaining to ships and stamps. (In German)

Ships on Stamps

Philatelie Marine

A display of stamps with a maritime theme, with the focus on tall ships issued from French yards in Normandy on the Seine river or at Nantes on the Loire. (Text in English and French)

Ship Stamp Society

The Ship Stamp Society was formed in the U.K. in 1970. Its objects are the general study and advancement of ship stamps in all their classifications and the provision of a medium for collectors to discuss their various interest and to acquire stamps.

Ships on Stamps Unit

The Ships on Stamps Unit of the American Topical Association is dedicated to the study of philatelic material pertaining to watercraft on stamps, to sharing knowledge, to encouraging the growth of the hobby and to supporting the preservation of our maritime heritage.

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