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Religion on Stamps

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Baha'i Philately

On this site Tooraj Enayati has gathered together all the information he can find on the postal stamps related to the Baha'i Faith.

Mary on Stamps

A display of stamps of the Americas portraying the Virgin Mary. This is a section of the site of The Marian Library / International Marian Research Institute, Dayton, Ohio.

Methodist Philatelic Society

The Society was founded in September 1970 for the study and encouragement of philately associated with Methodism and the Methodist contribution to United Churches and ecumenical activities worldwide. Members collect stamps, covers, postcards and miscellaneous Methodist postal history.

Religion on Stamps

Norwegian Stave Churches

Stave churches, together with their carvings, paintings, and tapestries, as depicted on Norwegian stamps.

A Philatelic Display of the Jesuit Mission

A four page display with over 500 stamps from 40 countries commemorating Jesuits. The four pages consist of: Jesuit Mathematicians and Scientists, Jesuit Artists and Scholars, Jesuit Founders and Schools, Jesuit Missionaries and Saints.

Unitarians and Universalists on Stamps

What do Thomas Jefferson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Louisa May Alcott have in common? They were all Unitarians. Find out more about these and other famous Unitarians, and their philatelic portrayal, in this topical display.

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