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Explorers on Stamps

This site is dedicated to the stamps, postal history and heroic explorers of the polar regions and their surrounding islands. An attractive site that is well laid out, with much information about the postal history of the various polar expeditions.

Christopher Columbus on 19th Century Stamps

A display of 19th century stamps and covers portraying or commemorating Christopher Columbus. (Text in German)

Captain Cook Society

The Captain Cook Society provides much valuable information about stamps relating to Captain James Cook, including check lists and scanned images.

Captain Cook's Philatelic Site

This site was made to give an overview of philatelic items that are directly related to the life and voyages of Captain James Cook, one of the world's greatest explorers.

Explorers on Stamps

Captain James Cook Through Stamps

A favourite subject with many countries - even some with minimal association with Cook. This site looks at the origins of the images used on the stamps, covering portraits of Cook himself and some of his crew, the artefacts, ships and some of the places. Also a section on the first Cook issues of the countries he explored.

Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook is often known as the world's greatest navigator. From humble beginings he became the man that mapped and made known to the rest of the world the Pacific Ocean and the many lands and peoples it contained. This site presents only a small number of the many items which have been issued to celebrate this famous Englishman. Some items chosen are more unusual items and only a few of the more common Cook stamps are illustrated.

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