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Chess on Stamps

Chess on Stamps Study Unit (COSSU)

The COSSU is a group of collectors who are interested in the thematic "Chess-on-Stamps." There are occasional mail auctions held, where members buy and sell their duplicate material.

Chess is Fun - Jon Edwards (USA)

Jon Edwards, the United States Correspondence Chess Champion, has an intriguing Chess on Stamps Exhibit - in addition to the images, you will often find relevant chess games.

Chess on Stamps - Colin Rose (Australia)

A gallery of chess stamps, as well as a chess stamp catalog that is organized according to date, country, and theme.

Chess on Stamps

Chess on Stamps - Steve Trussel (UK)

A gallery of selected chess stamps from 1947 through 1962, plus a Chess on Stamps checklist.

Chess Philately - Vladislav Amigood (Russia)

Vladislav, a collector for more than 20 years, includes on his site a catalog of ALL postal items of Russia on the theme of chess - stamps, postal stationery, postmarks.

Chess Stamps - A C M Borges (Brazil)

A galley of chess stamps from Alberto's collection.

Motiefgroep Schaken

The website of the Dutch Association of Chess Topical Collectors. (Text in Dutch)


The website of the French association of Chess topical collectors. (Text in French)

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