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GB Postal History

200 Years of British Postal Markings, 1660-1860

A very informative exposition, by Ron and Eunice Shanahan, of various types of postal markings, with many examples: Bishop Marks, Free Franks, Ship Letters, Milage Marks, Too Late, and much more.

Bath Postal Museum

Varied information about British postal history, presented in an attractive and accessible way.

Bill Barrell Ltd

Dealer offering fully illustrated lists of British postal history and British stamps, with many fine and unusual items.

David Shaw - Dealer in GB and World Postal History

Full-time dealers in Great Britain and World postal history since 1981. Thousands of items listed on the site, with search facility.

GB Postal History

Lincolnshire Post Offices

A database compiled by Andrew Reynolds with information on over 500 Post Offices in the County of Lincolnshire.

Maritime Markings of Great Britain

Ron Shanahan provides a useful introduction to the topic of ship letter marks.

Old British Letters - A Dip into the Past

Admittedly more social history than postal history, nevertheless this fine display of old letters - from 1717 to 1859 - with commentary by Ron and Eunice Shanahan is fascinating for the light it sheds on the lives and concerns of our ancestors.

Postal History of Alcester

Postal history of this Warwickshire community from 1790 to present.

Scottish Additional Half Penny Mail Tax

Catalogue of Scottish Additional half penny postal markings by David Druett.