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Postal History: Europe

European Postal History around 1860

A very interesting site showing letters of the 19th century to France from all over Europe. (In French)

Marques Postales

A complete and thoroughly written listing of all main postmark types used in France from the beginnings up to 1900; this includes postal marks from the begining to 1830, date postmarks, cancellations from Paris and from the Provinces as well as railway post offices. (In French)

Russian Postal History Online

A splendid reference site for anyone interested in the postal history of Russia and related areas. Masses of useful information, displays, discussions, etc. This site is founded and maintained by the Worldwide Society of Russian Philately.

Postal History: Europe

Sudetenland 1938-1945

The postal history of Sudetenland 1938-1945 has not been well researched. The aim on this site is to show and explain the various aspects of the story including stamps, postal cancels, and postal forms that were in use during the period.

The Pigeon Post into Paris 1870-1871

A fine article by by J.D. Hayhurst O.B.E.

The Pneumatic Post of Paris

Another excellent article by by J.D. Hayhurst O.B.E.

The Romanian Military and Postal History Page

Dr Dan-Simion Grecu's homepage is the starting point for a project that will eventually encompass all aspects of Romanian postal and military history.