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United States Stamps

National Postal Museum

Find out all about the National Postal Museum, its exhibits and collections.

Postage Stamps and Postal History of the United States

Wikipedia page providing a useful overview of United States stamps and postal history.

USA Stamp News

Recent news about United States stamps, from

Museum of United States Essays & Proofs

The Museum of United States Essays & Proofs is dedicated to the study and appreciation of early U.S. postage and revenue stamp design, as seen through the actual handiwork of the designers and engravers - Essays and Proofs. Over 350 pages of exhibits.

1954 Liberty Series Study Committee

The United States Stamp Society 1954 Liberty Series Study Committee is an informal group of philatelic specialists who share a desire to expand their knowledge about the Sixth Bureau Issue of United States postage stamps, primarily through question and answer discussions of what is known and the reporting of new varieties as they are discovered, with emphasis on postal history. Anyone with a similar passion is invited to join the group.

All(?) About the Flag over Porch Stamp

These web pages are an attempt to give a complete survey of the Flag over Porch Stamp, which was the most used stamp in the US between 1995 and 1998.

American Philatelic Society

With 50,000+ members in more than 110 countries, the APS is the largest nonprofit society in the world for stamp collectors. Founded in 1886, the APS is now in its second century of service to stamp collectors and postal historians. Whether you are a beginning collector or have years of philatelic experience, the American Philatelic Society offers you a number of services and educational opportunities to broaden your personal collection and enhance your special collecting interests!

Modern US Postal History

Individual sidelights on modern US postal history by Joann Lenz.

United States

People on Stamps of the United States

Wikipedia listing of people depicted on the stamps of the United States, with links to biographical data.

Siegel Encyclopedia

Contains informative articles on each stamp issue and census information on 24 of the rarest U.S. stamps.

Rare United States Stamps

Scans of classic United States stamps in the Sandafayre Rare Stamp Gallery.

The Postal Store

Official philatelic website of the United States Postal Service.

The Precancel Stamp Society's Precancel Information Page

A wealth of information for the precancel enthusiast.

The United States Philatelic Classics Society

The society includes collectors from all over the world, many of whom are experts in their particular fields of interest. It publishes The Chronicle of the U.S.Classic Postal Issues. This journal, published quarterly, is devoted exclusively to U.S. nineteenth century philately and contains much new information resulting from research by Society members who are recognized specialists and students.

United States Stamp Society

The United States Stamp Society (formerly the Bureau Issues Association) is a non-profit, volunteer-run association of collectors to promote the study of the philatelic output of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and of postage and revenue stamped paper produced by others for use in the United States and U.S. administered areas. It publishes an authoritative monthly journal, The United States Specialist. Selected items from this journal are available on the website.

United States Stamps engraved by Czeslaw Slania

A section of Ann Mette Heindorff's fine site dedicated to Slania, universally considered to be the world's finest stamp engraver.

Minnesota Stamp Co UN and US Stamps

A dealer offering an extensive range of United States and United Nations stamps.

Steve Crippe: Graded Stamps

A dealer specializing in premium quality classic US stamps.

US Stamps from Delcampe