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Poland Stamps

Poczta Polska

Official philatelic website of Polish Post - for new issues and details of all stamps issued since 1990.

Poland Stamp News

Recent news about Poland stamps, from

Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland

This splendid online thematic encyclopaedia provides background information for the English speaking world about everything depicted on Polish stamps, sheets, sheetlets and decorative labels.

Album Pages: Poland

Scanned album pages from the worldwide stamp collection of Antonius Ra.

History on Stamps: The Rulers of Poland

This 5-part gallery is inspired by a series of Polish stamps issued in the period 1986-2000 with portraits of Polish rulers..


Polish Stamps engraved by Czeslaw Slania

A section of Ann Mette Heindorff's fine site dedicated to Slania, regarded as the world's finest stamp engraver.

Polonus Philatelic Society

Polonus is the oldest and largest society in the USA dedicated to the study and promotion of Polish philately. Join Polonus to expand and enhance your Polish philatelic collecting experience.

Rare Poland Stamps

Scans of classic stamps of Poland in the Sandafayre Rare Stamp Gallery. Polish Stamp Auction

Specialized auction for Polish stamps and philatelic items.