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New Zealand Stamps

Airmail Society of New Zealand

The Air Mail Society of New Zealand was founded in 1930 at the commencement of regular aerial services in that country. While based in Christchurch, the society has one quarter of its members elsewhere in New Zealand and another half residing in overseas countries. Members are kept in touch through a monthly newsletter and regular postal auctions.

New Zealand Stamp News

Recent news about New Zealand stamps, from

Album Pages: New Zealand

Scanned album pages from the worldwide stamp collection of Antonius Ra.

New Zealand Chalon Portrait Stamps

New Zealand's first stamps - a myriad of colours, papers and perforations. Some wonderful colonial 'make do' here but in the process some stamps were printed which have never been surpassed in their beauty and remain classics.

New Zealand Lighthouse Stamps

A page about New Zealand Government Life Insurance postage stamps depicting lighthouses.

New Zealand

New Zealand Post

Official site for New Zealand's postal services.

New Zealand Stamp Images

A site on New Zealand philately: postage stamps, airmails and postal history. There are articles on topics such as New Zealand first flight covers, blitz perfs and the classic Queen Victoria Chalon heads. Each article illustrates a particular point and sometimes raises questions. In addition, New Zealand's early air mail history is described through examples of airmail covers.

People on Stamps of New Zealand

Wikipedia listing of people depicted on the stamps of New Zealand, with links to biographical data.

Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Inc.

International society for collectors of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and its Dependencies.

Rare New Zealand Stamps

Scans of classic New Zealand stamps in the Sandafayre Rare Stamp Gallery.

Campbell Paterson

Campbell Paterson Limited, specialists in New Zealand Stamps and publishers of the Specialised New Zealand Stamp Colour Catalogue and Monthly Philatelic Newsletter, are one of the world's leading sources of supply for New Zealand stamps and postal history.