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Japanese Stamps

Album Pages: Japanese Souvenir Sheets

Scanned album pages from the worldwide stamp collection of Antonius Ra.

Album Pages: Japan

Scanned album pages from the worldwide stamp collection of Antonius Ra.

International Society for Japanese Philately, Inc.

The ISJP is non-political and non-commercial with one objective: to promote intelligent interest in the philately and postal history of Japan and former Japanese colonies (Korea, Sakhalin [Karafuto], Taiwan), territories (Kwantung, the South Manchurian Railway Zone, and the mandated Caroline, Mariana, and Marshall Islands), and occupied areas (China and Southeast Asia), including Manchoukuo, the Ryukyu Islands, Japanese seapost offices and other civilian and military post offices abroad, and foreign post offices in Japan. The online portal is designed for Japanese stamp collectors from around the world.

Koban Collection

Horst Mueller, an Austrian citizen resident in Japan, displays part of his collection of these classic Japanese stamps. Koban issues of Japan are fascinating, because of the many paper and perforation varieties and, most of all, because of the many different cancellation types used for domestic and foreign mail in Japan and in the many post offices Japan operated in foreign countries.

Japanese Stamps

Japanese Forgeries

A useful guide to identifying forgeries of classic Japanese stamps.

Stamp Exhibit: Early Japan Commems

A beautiful display of some of the early commemorative stamps of Japan.

Rare Japanese Stamps

Scans of classic stamps of Japan in the Sandafayre Rare Stamp Gallery.

The Japan Philatelic Group

The leading suppliers in Europe of Japanese Stamps including P-sheets and Japanese Postal History, Japanese Occupation stamps and postal history, Japanese Military Mail from the Sino-Japanese War (1894) to World War II, and IJPO's in China / Manchuria. They also supply a wide range of catalogues, albums and literature.