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Ireland Stamps

Irish Stamps

Irish Stamps is a business within An Post, the Irish Post Office, and is the official source for all Irish postage stamps, and a wide range of books, prints, stamp booklets and other products.

Eire Philatelic Association

The Eire Philatelic Association is a non-profit philatelic organization, based in the U.S., that specializes in the collecting, study, and enjoyment of stamps and other postal items of Ireland.

Postage Stamps and Postal History of Ireland

Wikipedia page providing a useful overview of Irish stamps and postal history.

Ireland Stamp News

Recent news about Ireland stamps, from

British Stamps Overprinted for Use in Ireland

GB Overprints Society page showing GB stamps overprinted for use in Ireland.

People on Stamps of Ireland

Wikipedia listing of people depicted on the stamps of Ireland, with links to biographical data.

Censorship of Irish Mail in WWII

The philatelic story of WWII censorship of Irish mail during the period known in Ireland as "The Emergency" 1939-1945.

Effects of the Partition of Ireland on the Postal Service (1920-1922).

This page give the historical background to the partition of Ireland in 1922, a brief synopsis of the Civil War, and describes (with illustrations) the stamp issues of the Provisional Government and of the IRA.

Postage Stamps Commemorating the Irish Struggle for Independence 1916-1923

A very impressive display of stamps on this topic.

The Dublin Censor Office

Karl Winkelmann's Gold Medal winning 4-frame Exhibit.

Raven Stamps (Ireland)

Leading stamp dealers in Irish Stamps, located in Ireland, with extensive stocks of all aspects of Irish Philately.

Tony Bray (UK)

Price list of Ireland stamps 1922-date (in PDF format).

Rare Ireland Stamps

Scans of classic stamps of Ireland in the Sandafayre Rare Stamp Gallery.