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Confederate States Stamps

Postage Stamps and Postal History of the Confederate States

Wikipedia page providing a useful introduction to Confederate States stamps and postal history.

Carolina Coin & Stamp Inc.

Active buyer and seller of Southern postal history and Confederate Stamps with over 25 years experience as a Confederate Stamp dealer. All stamps are guaranteed genuine. The site also has several informative articles about Southern Postal History.

Civil War Postal History of Vicksburg, Mississippi

A superb detailed postal history study by William S. Parks.

Confederate Fakes

This site primarily features counterfeit Confederate stamps and other faked and forged items. Information is provided so that the average collector has an online resource to help evaluate stamps either already present in a collection or potential new acquisitions.

Confederate Postal History of Grenada, Mississippi

Another excellent detailed postal history study by William S. Parks.

Confederate Stamp Alliance

A non-political organization dedicated to fraternity, research, and cooperation among collectors of Confederate stamps.

Confederate States Stamps

Confederate States Index

This is an ongoing project that will show genuine Confederate stamps, forgeries and bogus issues.

Confederate States of America: Stamps and Postal History

The web site of John L. Kimbrough MD - dealer, collector, exhibitor, and sometime philatelic writer. The purpose of this site is to introduce the collector to the wonders of Confederate Philately by providing information on CSA stamps and covers, answering any questions from collectors and other dealers, and to offer Confederate material for sale.

Counterfeits and Fakes of Confederate Stamps

This site features counterfeits and fakes of Confederate stamps. A detailed page is provided for each counterfeit that points out some of the characteristics that can be used for identification. Since many counterfeits have fake cancels applied, as many characteristics as possible are displayed.

CSA Authentication Committee

An expertizing service that determines the authenticity of Confederate stamps and covers as well as the validity of Civil War period postal usages pertaining to the Confederate mail system.

Introduction to Confederate States Stamps and Postal History

An in-depth, but still concise, look at collecting the stamps and postal history of the Confederate States. There is also an in depth section on Confederate fakes.

The Rebel Post: Collecting the Confederate Era

An article by Patricia A. Kaufmann that first appeared in Scott's Monthly Stamp Journal, April 1976. It serves as a good introduction to collecting Confederate stamps.