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Antigua Stamps

(See also: British Caribbean)

Antigua Stamps Catalogue

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Album Pages: The Dana A. Krueger Collection of Antigua

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Antigua Stamps And Covers, 1858-1890

This web site is dedicated to the stamps and covers of Antigua from 1858, when stamps of Great Britain were sent to the island to be used for postage, through the period when Antigua had its own postage stamps, until October 31, 1890 when when the individual issues for Antigua were withdrawn. The stamps of Antigua were replaced by a general issue for use in all of the Leeward Islands.

Rare Stamps of Antigua

Scans of classic stamps of Antigua in the Sandafayre Rare Stamp Gallery.

Antigua Stamps

Tony Bray (UK)

Price list of Antigua & Barbuda stamps 1894-date (in PDF format).