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Roseville Pottery

This unique pottery was manufactured by the Roseville Pottery Company from 1890 until 1954. The original company was founded and the factory opened in Roseville, Ohio, hence the name. An additional plant was added to the operation around 1892. In 1898 the operation moved to Zanesville, Ohio. Clay from the Ohio region was used in the manufacture of their goods, the characteristic light yellow or tan color evident on the unglazed bottoms (or chipped/broken areas) of the pieces. The two plants in Roseville, Ohio were closed in 1910. The Zanesville locations were sold in 1954.

Introducing Roseville Pottery (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Over 860 color photographs illustrate the many artistic products created by the Roseville Pottery Company during its long life from 1890 to 1954. Arranged alphabetically, each line and its most typical variations are presented, and each has been meticulously researched and dated.

Roseville Pottery by Aime Joseph

A useful article about Roseville pottery, with a list of early Roseville lines.

Roseville Pottery: Identification and Early Evolution

A useful article about identifying Roseville pottery,

Roseville Pottery

Understanding Roseville Pottery (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Over 800 color photos display Roseville Pottery artware, particularly the Artcraft, Cherub Cameo, Donatello, Pine Cone Modern, and Wincraft lines and Della Robbia and Olympic items. The text provides a company history from 1890 through 1954, reveals the key roles of famous staff members, and shows previously unpublished manufacturer's marks.

The Roseville Pottery Exchange

Dedicated to helping the public spot reproduction (fake) Roseville Pottery.