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Fulper Pottery

The Fulper Pottery was established in 1814 in Flemington, New Jersey. Throughout the 19th century it produced only utilitarian wares, but about 1900 it began to expoit the vogue for art pottery. The early art pottery ranges included simply shaped veseel decorated with crystalline glazes and marketed under the name Vasekraft. In 1910 ceramic engineer Martin Stangl was hired to introduce new shapes and glazes, and during the 1920s and 1930s, Fulper Pottery Artware was designed in Classical, Art Deco and Primitive styles. Stangl eventually rose to become vice-president, then president of the company, and after 1935 the pottery's products were marketed solely as Stangl Pottery.

Fulper Pottery: A Brief History

A very informative history of the Fulper Pottery Company.

Fulper Pottery