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Eva Zeisel

One of the greatest designers of the 20th century, Eva Zeisel revolutionized ceramic design by bringing her own original brand of modernism into American middle class homes with her dinnerware created for Hallcraft, Sears and Red Wing Pottery.

Eva Zeisel Forum

Learn about Eva Zeisel, designer of china, porcelain and glass dinnerware and other fine housewares. Find out how to join Eva Zeisel Forum and visit other recommended Eva Zeisel web sites.

Lost Molds and Found Dinnerware: Rediscovering Eva Zeisel's Hallcraft

In the special exhibition, Lost Molds and Found Dinnerware: Rediscovering Eva Zeisel's Hallcraft, Zeisel's strong yet elegant, fluid yet playful dinnerware designs are juxtaposed along side the equally powerful original plaster molds created in the 1950s at the Hall China Company in East Liverpool, Ohio. The molds served as the tools for mass producing this beautifully designed "best-selling dinner set in the United States." For nearly four decades after production of these captivating wares ceased, the original Hallcraft master molds appeared to be lost, and then through the perseverance of Eva Zeisel and others, the molds were rediscovered in 1998. It is a story not nearly as memorable as the designs themselves, but with a happy ending.

Eva Zeisel

The Shape of Life by Eva Zeisel

Information about a retrospective exhibition at the Erie Art Museum. This retrospective is comprehensive, spanning more than seventy years, and encompasses many examples of Zeisel's non-ceramic work as well, including glass and furniture design.

Eva Zeisel at Ruby Lane

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Eva Zeisel Originals

This website offers original Eva Zeisel tables, collectible small objects, and goblets, most of which are available nowhere else. Whether you are buying Eva's work for the first time or adding to your collection these works of art will bring elegance to any home.