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Blue Mountain Pottery

Blue Mountain Pottery was a Canadian pottery company based in Collingwood, Ontario. It was founded in 1947 by Jozo Wieder and closed in 2004.

Originally producing hand painted ski motifs on purchased blanks, production of the red clay items started in 1953-1954. It went on to produce various types of pottery, from animal figurines to jugs, pots and vases.

The company's products have a large fan base and are collected worldwide.

Blue Mountain Pottery items feature a unique, trademarked glazing process known as reflowing decorating. Two different liquid glazes, one light and one dark in color, were applied. During the firing process the glazes would run, creating streaking patterns unique to each piece.

Blue Mountain Pottery items were available in the traditional green hues, but also in harvest gold, cobalt blue, mocha, pewter, red, and brown.

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Blue Mountain Pottery

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An article by Judy Penz Sheluk, originally published in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, September, 2005.

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