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Vintage New Jersey Postcards

Images of the Stacy-Trent

Vintage postcard views of the Stacy-Trent Hotel in Trenton NJ from the 1920s to the 1940s.

New Jersey Lighthouse Postcards

A gallery of old lighthouse postcards presented by the New Jersey Lighthouse Society.

New Jersey Medical History Postcard Collection

The postcard collection documents a variety of medical care facilities, and health-related businesses and institutions in New Jersey throughout the 20th century. The collection of 470 cards contains black and white, color, and realphoto postcards. Most of the items date to the early 1900s - the "golden era" of post card production.

Penny Postcards from New Jersey

A wonderful exhibit of old postcards from a USGenWeb Archives Web Site.

Trenton, NJ Postcards

A fine postcard collection displayed by Trenton Historical Society.

Vintage New Jersey Postcards

Washington, NJ

Views of Washington, in old postcards and photos, from Edsen Breyer's Postcard Museum.

Postcard Dealers' Sites

New Jersey Postcard Books