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Aviation Postcards

Airport Postcards

Airport postcards from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Aviation Postcard Club International

A club, founded in the UK over 10 years ago, for collectors of all forms of aviation postcards, from pioneers to the latest airline and military jets.

Harold G. Dick Postcard Collection

Acting as a liaison between Goodyear and Luftschiffbau Zeppelin from 1934 to 1938, Hal Dick became the only American to have flown 22 ocean crossings as a crewman on the German passenger airships, the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg. He mailed numerous postcards to himself from aboard the airships, documenting his many flights. See some of them in this exhibit by Wichita State University Libraries. Dates, airship and flight information, and stamp and cancellation details are also provided.

Aviation Postcards

Mike Charlton's Aviation Postcard Site

A British collector's aviation postcards.

Postcards of Pioneer Aviation

Vintage postcards from aviation's Exhibition Era, the period between 1907 and the end of 1915.

Slimmer's Airport Postcards

Some of the favorite postcards from the collection of Chris Slimmer, said to have one of the world's greatest airport postcard collections.

William Demarest's Aviation Postcard Collection

Airline postcards from around the world. A comprehensive database of airline and airport issued postcards.

Zeppelin Attacks

Propaganda postcards from World War I showing Zeppelin attacks on Belgium, England and other countries.

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