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Doll Museums: Worldwide

Finland: Museum of Dolls and Costumes, Tampere

Opened in 1966, the museum has over five thousand dolls.There are magical and antique toy dolls, fashionable paper dolls,stone age venuses, pin up Barbies, mischievous puppets, Christmas criband votive wax dolls, dolls' houses with their fragile inhabitants,china services, toys and even tiny Mexican fleas in festive attire!

Germany: Puppentour

Since 1994, Puppentour ™ has been the leader in escorted group tours of Europe for collectors, hobbyists, researchers, and conservators of dolls, toys, and miniatures. Tours of the finest doll and toy museums in the world are complemented with doll factory tours and sightseeing excursions.

Japan: Yokohama Doll Museum

Dolls from over 130 countries and owned by the museum are exhibited in a dramatic presentation with lights and sounds. An attractive and well-designed website.

Monaco: Musée National de Monaco: Dolls and Automata of Yesterday

The National Museum of Monaco is home too The Galéa Collection of dolls and automata, made in Paris in the latter half of the 19th century.The dolls are presented in show-cases together with period furniture, chinaware and thousands of everyday objects all made to their own scale, thus creating a lifelike atmosphere of refinement.
Some dolls from this collection have been depicted on a set of stamps issued byMonaco.

Norway: Dagmar's Museum of Dolls and Toys

The first of its kind in Norway, the museum opened its doors in 1992. The Museum houses a couple of thousand exhibits collected from all over Norway

UK: The Lilliput Antique Doll & Toy Museum

This cottage museum was established in 1974. It is acknowledged as being one of the finest and most important collections in Great Britain with over 2000 exhibits on display dating circa 2000 BC to approximately 1945 AD. There are examples of almost every seriously collectable doll together with a number of dolls houses, rocking horses, tin plate toys, trains, bears, soft toys, and many unusual play things.