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License Plates

76 License Plates

License Plates of the U.S. and Canada used during 1976.

ALPCA Online - Automobile License Plate Collectors Association

ALPCA Online - The official web site of ALPCA, the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association, the biggest and most respected club for license plate collectors and aficionados all over the world.


A collection of license plates from Europe (and elsewhere).

License Plates of the World

License Plates of the World

License Plates Plus

From almost the first moment automobiles hit the roads, license plates have become part of a unique and colorful identity for every state. License Plates Plus brings these colorful and interesting license plates to you through high quality license plate graphics.

Olav's License Plate Pictures

Pictures of license plates from various countries seen on vehicles in Norway. Plate types, district codes, year of issue and other facts explained.

Plates in Rome

Pictures and documentation of plates you can see only in Rome: SMOM plates, plates from Vatican and others.

The License Plate Shack

View over 11,000 plates at the License Plate Shack. The Shack concentrates primarily on the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

The Plate Hut

License plates from all 50 states and provinces of Canada plus many International plates available for Hobby Collection. Many colorful specialty and graphic license plates. Website in Spanish and French also.

Tom Smith's Pages

Mexican and Pacific island motorcycle plates.

Washington State License Plates

Washington plate history, county codes, and more.

Books for Collectors of Automobilia